Stuff I’m working on.

“By Their Own Motion” is the title of my 2nd novel (although the title may change as publisher’s are wont to do) and is very different from Road to Reckoning. My choice is to write historical fiction but it is not the period that I write in that appeals to me so much as an object or subject that captures my own interest and imagination.

In the case of Road to Reckoning it was the creation of the Colt revolver and its significance, and the romanticism of the wooden model of the gun which the story grew from. Similarly “By Their Own Motion” is set in 1944-45 but it is not the period that drew me. The story is about the company that built the cremation ovens for the SS and specifically the patent for anĀ oven design for Auschwitz which, if constructed, would have enabled the SS to exceed beyond the horrors of what was already unimaginable.

For my current work I needed to return to the 19th century and back to America. After writing a novel set in Germany at the end of WWII I needed something more traditional and comfortable to write so I’m journeying through North West Montana and Canada in the winter of 1865.

I’m hoping to use this blog to update on that book (and one other that I wrote before By The Motion of Them) and I am notoriously poor at doing this sort of thing so bear with me.